A Study in Decay for Gothtober Day 3 with Sam G

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Look closely, and you’ll observe that what appears to be everyday upholstered turn-of –the-century furniture is actually quite haunted! These chairs are in the midst of a detailed deterioration!

Sam G is a texture artist: proficient in adding texture to virtual AND real items via computer magic in the entertainment industry known as Special Effects. It’s one thing to notice the amazing realism of what texture artists can do, but it’s MORE common that you never notice a thing because it has the appearance of being so real. It’s an unsung hero kind of job, where some of the best renders you’ve ever done are what sneaks right by a viewer’s nose! Audiences have barely an inkling of just how much effort goes into building the worlds we see on film and television.

This piece in particular shows the careful consideration and thought goes into the required level of quality verisimilitude at work!

Also, this visual meditation on furniture, mortality, and the passing of time is a great reminder that inescapable impermanence for all of us is fact. Make hay while the sun shines, time’s a wastin!

Thanks for sharing your skills with us, Sam! Say hi to the ghost chairs for us!