Great Flamin’ Brains it’s Oonstein’s Gothtober DAY 20!

Stay Golden, Oh Golden Brain…

Are you a right brained person, or a left brained person? Never fear, find pumpkin #20 and the rainbow bridge of all hemispheres in all colors surprises and delights in this brain counting film from the cerebellum oblongata of Oonstein! As mentioned in previous posts, it is the 10th anniversary of Gothtober, and artists were encouraged to celebrate our very first decade with the number 10, or a Halloween theme, and Oonstein has succeeded in doing BOTH in an especially brainy way.

I’ve been in Oonstein’s workshop, and I was astonished to see brains brains everywhere. The original brain was hand sculpted, and then replicated into an unusually large encephalic stockpile of literally “buckets of brains.” Many buckets full of tiny resin brains were sitting here there and everywhere on shelves, ledges, wherever you could find a surface, there were brains. Trying not to appear too enthusiastic, I casually enquired “What are you going to do with these?” and the answer was “Oh, you’ll see.”

That was awhile ago, so imagine my great surprise to know that ALL THOSE BRAINS turned into a Busby Berkeley-esque tour de force of animated colorful formation! Actually, by now, there may be brains that we don’t even know about, the place could be overflowing with gray matter, and what Oonstein does with them next is anybody’s guess.

In the meantime, let your thoughts wander, imagine your brain, free from your head, wandering around becoming part of a special brainy dance troupe, or being in a brain diorama, expand your imagination and see where your mind goes!

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