Romantic Monster Encounters (DAY 6)

Monsters are rumored to be inherently impractical with their uncontrollable urges, hideousness and general tendency to either mess up your life or mess up your stuff. Face it: you see a monster coming, and you cross the street or try to act natural so it doesn’t notice you and do something horrible like suck all the blood out of your body or spit acidic bile all over your car.
But monsters are not, as you may think, freaks of nature.
Monsters are as natural as anyone else, capable of great and terrible things, like you or me.
From the sketchbooks of Nyssa Oru, Northern California illustrator extraordinaire, are six rare portraits of LGBT supernatural beings enjoying each other as loving, caring creatures.
This is Nyssa’s third Gothtober, she’s been drawing monsters awhile, plus a few other things besides, and if you wish to wander off task in a productive way, visit here to see more of Nyssa’s work.

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