Ollie’s Comic for Gothtober Day 10

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A lil sleepy vampire encounters a spirit from The Beyond! It’s a lovely ink and marker three-panel comic by Ollie Paige Linden! I asked them about this magical cozy stars moment between the character and here’s what Ollie said:

At first I wanted to do a more Solemn take on ghosts and memories…but then I thought that memories can also be comforting-like a warm blanket when you’re sleepy.

So this lil vampire is lonely and dozing in front of the teevee, when a ghost appears-it seems scary at first, but it really just wants to be a comforting friend.

Everyone! May your memories and reveries cuddle you like a sweet ghosty friend when you need it most.

Thanks for drawing us this cool comic, Ollie! Happy Gothtober!