Buckle Your Treatbelts with Henschel & Roth’s DAY 4!

Give the broom a break and let WitchWay Scairlines take you to your destination!

Book flights with over 666 destinations with WichWay ScairLines! Stretch out and relax, extra room on board for familiars and your extra tall pointy witch hat. Being a witch has never been easier aboard the ONLY airline designed for witches and their dead (and undead) cargo. Save up to 50% using deals partnering with Gothtober International Airport to connect with inter-dimensional flights on Fangline and Headless Air.

Now then, who are the alluring and mysterious Henschel & Roth?

The highest paid lounge cover act of all time had their first show at a Sizzler in Pomona, they rose to stardom quickly. But eventually, ego and drugs almost destroyed Henschel & Roth. But they ran into each other at Gelson’s and they’re BACK! Check out their story and visit their YouTube channel and check ’em out on Facebook to find out where they’ll be performing live!

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