Rockin’ to 10 in German with Harrison and Howe’s Gothtober Day 18

In the spirit of Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye and Sesame Street arrives the electro-power-pack indefatigable ROCK YOUR FACE OFF countdown from Howe and Harrison’s Pumpkin 18 on the Gothtober Calendar. 

The theme for Gothtober this year was to either go back to our roots, so to speak, and observe Halloween, OR do something having to do with the power of 10, since it is our 10th Anniversary! Weirdly enough, the countdown pieces we have so far are in observance of the German language (see Gothtober Pumpkin 12) but these two german countdown pieces could not be more different! I’m digging the fact that if you were never able to count to 10 in German previously, Gothtober help you. We can help you in a really pastoral trippy hand-made illustrations way, or we can help you in an electronic crazy pop colored abstract geometric way, you choose, and I hope you choose both!

The original music by Howe and Harrison is the kind I could imagine you putting in your headphones and running 10 miles at 5am. OR you could hear this in a club and sweat out all those well drinks you so unwisely imbibed earlier in the evening. You could just play this in your head to psyche yourself up before the big test, the huge meeting, the extreme housecleaning task you’re ready to tackle. However you use it, the motivational power of the drums and badass sneer of the electric guitar will force  you to conquer anything on your agenda, no matter how inconsequential.

Monica Howe is known as LaMuff, fine purveyor of musical things you should probably go see.

Robbie Harrison can be found at ToyMasulina where music, film and art are getting ever more weird and fantasic.

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