Ben and Federico’s Animated Treat for DAY 21

On a well-drawn blustery night, some costumed individuals go a haunting! Do you remember trick-or-treating? Do you still go trick-or-treating? The weirdest thing I ever got was a handful of cough drops in Atwater Village. And the saddest thing I ever got was back in the day when I was a wee rabble rouser in my hometown of Forestville. It was probably the BEST TASTING POPCORN BALL EVER that came from a REAL cauldron from a well-meaning couple all dressed up on their well-decorated porch. The candied popcorn was ladled into tinfoil and wrapped just for me right in front of my captivated eyeballs. But you see, the paranoia had already set in, and even though we knew where these people lived, my parents wouldn’t let me have the popcorn ball. They were absolutely convinced that it was packed with hallucinogens or razor blades or.. I dunno… asbestos.

Anyway, the joy of this piece is not just in its care of hand-drawn craft, but the hint of inklings not unlike the residual impressions of a certain Great Pumpkin that will visit us all on October 31st. Not sure if you’re feelin’ it, but if I were to show up with a plate of Dolly Madison frosted Zingers, would you turn me away?


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