Lucky 13: Haunted Family Portraits from the Undead

Equivalent to the sum of six and seven, 13 is Gothtober’s luckiest number, no triskaidekaphobia around these parts!Gothtober would like to send out a very special anniversary to Saida and Eric Staudenmaier who tied the knot some years ago on October 13th. Congratulations, you two! Have fun stormin’ the castle!

Anyway, you should know that ghosts, ghouls, spirits and apparitions of all kinds trust only the Staudenmaiers for professional quality portraits. If you yourself happen to be undead, you should know that there is no better choice than The Staudenmaiers, who will help make your family pictures a special time in your zombie afterlife by finding out what you are truly looking for when it comes to traditional or contemporary photos.
• Please make sure all parties in the family have been well fed before the shoot.
• Bring at least two complete outfits, and it is advised that all limbs be attached for the session.
• Arrive with clean sores and minimal oozing scabs

“On October 13th, 1983 I turned 347 years old and for my birthday I wanted to have professional pictures taken. I went with the Staudenmaiers, and let me just say, you don’t get that level of service anywhere else. I was a little nervous once we started the shoot, but the staff gave me some brains and a glass of blood and I felt very comfortable right away. I will highly recommend The Staudenmaiers to all my friends and co-workers.”
I. Emma Ghost
Anaheim, CA

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