DAY 31: More Cowbell!!!

It’s the perfect ending to another fantastic Gothtober. Team Little Green Dog has given us that friendly, warm graveyard feeling with some good ol’ fashioned fall fun. There’s no need to fear the Pooper (or the reaper) as you hang out with kitty Brudders, Sgt. Marshmallow and Toullie, and their human sister, jamming with the band in the late night hours.

As they rock out to a familiar tune, make sure you listen to the lyrics, which aren’t that familiar! Nothing brings that fall feeling like stringed instruments. This song’s got it all: ukelele, guitar, harmonica and COWBELL.

All you have to do is visit the dial that says “31” on Gothtober’s Boom Box.

And if you want to know more about Little Green Dog, why not visit Little Green Blog?

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