Gothtober Applications Due Midnight TONIGHT!

Gothtober ghoulies, lizards and ghosts,
Sign on the line and give us a toast!

Tonight will be midnight, the time to respond,
Please fill out the app from somewhere beyond!

Vampires and monsters from last Halloween,
Join us and send over frights unforeseen!

We thank you for being a part of our gang,
The 10th year of Gothtober will start with a BANG!

Gothtober Calling YOU!

Dear Creative Crusty Creative Creeps,

Gothtober’s crooked moon approaches and we want you to be in the pumpkin patch for our 10th Anniversary!

APPLICATIONS DUE AUGUST 29th, 2012 • Participants will be notified of admission by September 6th at the latest. Upon acceptance, a $25 registration fee is required.

1.) Apply HERE

2.) The Theme is “10” a.) The number 10 in some way (10 items on screen, 10 tips for severing fingers, 10 recipes, 10 sounds, just… 10, y’know? b.) OR you can ignore the “10” theme and make your piece all spooky, creepy, crazy, weirdy, autumny, candy, fun and freaky Halloween theme like the original Gothtober from 2003. There will be a lot of pumpkins in Gothtober’s design this year, so also… if you want to have your piece involve America’s favorite round orange squash, knock yourself out!

3.) More information on how to make a Gothtober piece is on our Gothtober FAQ

4.) All the latest news about Gothtober can be found right here on the Gothtober BLOG

5.) And of course… if you want to gain inspiration from Gothtober itself, visit GOTHTOBER! 

Slimy Slippery Slugs,

JP Head Candycorn


Day 2: Miniature Madness

Jessica Hlavac The PieMY LORD, what’s she going to do with that razor blade??? Will she cut her own wrists? Hijack a plane? Enter into an eternal blood oath with Lucifer himself? What terrible horror awaits you, dear viewer?!

Oh wait. What’s that cute little pie doing there? Hang on, let me check my notes. OH. It’s Jessica Hlavac, the mad genius behind i’m so tiny, where she showcases minuscule foods meticulously crafted with her very own, non-threatening hands! She makes everything from breakfast to dessert, all about the size of a quarter. You know, that thing in your pocket that’s only about an inch in diameter? Yeah, that. Just look at this croissant sandwich sitting on one of them:

Jessica Hlavac Croissant SandwichShe even admits to being a little crazy, having “made a whole damn tiny ham just to slice it up” and make perfect ham slice edges for this diminutive sandwich. CAN YOU STAND IT.

So here we are, on Day 2 of Gothtober 2011, wondering what sort of miniature madness Miss Hlavac has cooked up this time. Ok, it’s a pie. But if you think you can follow her steps and make your own pie, as if the sheer smallness and perfectness of her handiwork isn’t mind-boggling enough… well, she’s thrown you yet another curve ball. Just try and catch it.

Missing Boots, Besotted Mothers, and Western Sounds!


I’m sure you thought we forgot about things here in gothtoberland, but we have been busy getting everything ready for your viewing pleasure. That and we had a fantastic CrafttNight at AKBAR in Los Angeles putting together the fantastic cars that Lush Newton (day 10) designed.


But here you go. Have you ever lost your shoes? Really lost them? Especially the boots that you really loved and are just dying to wear to go out dancing tonight? Well, XKiller did, and she made a great flash animation about it. You can see that on day 14.


Day 15 features Miss Lori, who returns to gothtober with a puppet operetta about a besotted mother and her little girl. There are lessons to be learned about how to dress your child –  don’t you ignore them!


Day 16’s Dark Adams is also a gothtober veteran, and he gives us a peek into the Weird, Wild Old West (or at least what it may have sounded like.) Follow the instructions and download his mp3 file for your listening pleasure.

Have your Sin Without Leaving Home!


Every so often, Gothtober is lucky to have some contributors who really throw down and take it all off. We’re talking about the Mercurial Sisters and their blatant habitual propensity for recording themes embracing the female form. This year, they have decided to take DAY 7 on the calendar and give to you the SEVEN SINS. What’s awesome is that you don’t even have to venture outside the house to look at this sensational and dazzling rendition of the Capital Vices, or Cardinal Sins, as observed both historically and by contemporary society. You can even sin while looking at your monitor!

Part of defining goodness is determining what goodness is NOT. The Mercurial Sisters know all too well that sin is a fascinating topic, sin is lawlessness, perverse inclination, clouded conscience, a pinching of the soul and the glorious celebrated root of free will. If what we know as the divine is essentially perfect and good, then all else in existence is merely a deficiency or limitation, a distraction from perfection. By and large, this is how we humans and our little evocative quirks make soap operas waaaay more interesting.

Take a look at today’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS, and tell yourself you aren’t tempted or aroused or at least intrigued by a little of what you see. Revel for a moment in the sin you’re best at, which one preoccupies you the most? Enjoy DAY 7, dear viewer, and if you’re going to embrace your imperfections and be tempted… as Plato and Socrates used to say “Know thyself.” Then go have yourself a blast!