Announcing Brudders Comics for DAY 8!


Brudders is the spirited daily antics of two house cats, Sgt. Marshmallow and Ratatoullie, and their little sister, who is human. Today they all have a little 3-D adventure at the Drive-In! If you’d like to get better acquainted with these characters, here is where you can view all the comic strips from the start! And here’s where you can see Little Green Dog’s original Gothtober film from 2005 (DAY 28) with REAL cats building a frankenkitty, You can also view more great stuff at their homesite! Yay Little Green Dog!

Have your Sin Without Leaving Home!


Every so often, Gothtober is lucky to have some contributors who really throw down and take it all off. We’re talking about the Mercurial Sisters and their blatant habitual propensity for recording themes embracing the female form. This year, they have decided to take DAY 7 on the calendar and give to you the SEVEN SINS. What’s awesome is that you don’t even have to venture outside the house to look at this sensational and dazzling rendition of the Capital Vices, or Cardinal Sins, as observed both historically and by contemporary society. You can even sin while looking at your monitor!

Part of defining goodness is determining what goodness is NOT. The Mercurial Sisters know all too well that sin is a fascinating topic, sin is lawlessness, perverse inclination, clouded conscience, a pinching of the soul and the glorious celebrated root of free will. If what we know as the divine is essentially perfect and good, then all else in existence is merely a deficiency or limitation, a distraction from perfection. By and large, this is how we humans and our little evocative quirks make soap operas waaaay more interesting.

Take a look at today’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS, and tell yourself you aren’t tempted or aroused or at least intrigued by a little of what you see. Revel for a moment in the sin you’re best at, which one preoccupies you the most? Enjoy DAY 7, dear viewer, and if you’re going to embrace your imperfections and be tempted… as Plato and Socrates used to say “Know thyself.” Then go have yourself a blast!

Give me DAY 6, and I’ll Give you SPOOOOKY!


For Jennifer Jordan Day’s piece, she went and visited an actual abandoned drive-in!!! She was out there, rootin’ around all the rotten stuff, being careful where she stepped, taking photos, studying the terrain, making anthropological discoveries. See what she found on Gothtober Day 6!  Jennifer is a Gothtober veteran, you can see her other Gothtober pieces in the Gothtober Archives, she is Day 19 in Gothtobers 2006 and 2007.

J.J. Day is also a film maker, her animated stop-motion film “Make a Mate” is currently on world tour, and if you’d like more information about when and where it may be playing near you, check out the Facebook fan page of the film! Hooray DAY 6!

Who Else Wants Sexy Gold Lamé?


GOTHTOBER DAY 6’s unveils the sassy music video of Monica Howe, which takes a brave bold look at the hallowed cloth of gold called Gold Lamé. If you haven’t explored a bold foray into the wearing of this fabulous fabric woven from metallic yarns, it’s time to start. Once you’ve become properly inspired, perhaps then deck yourself out in some shiny golden magic, like our fantastic songstress here. And yes, I said songstress, and here is her website so you can find out more about the woman behind the shine. Hooray DAY 6!

Gothtober Systems are GO!


This is the title card from DAY 1 on the calendar, a little piece called “Halloween Safety” by The Art of Bleeding! It’s quite a perfect chilling and weird and trippy little way to start our countdown! If you live in the Los Angeles area, perhaps you’d like to catch a Live Ambulance Show by The Art of Bleeding, they’ve got some performances up their sleeve for the month of October, put on your bow tie and go check The Art of Bleeding’s Paramedical Funhouse! And if you run into Abram the Safety Ape, tell him Gothtober says hi!

CALL for WORK! Be in Gothtober 2009!

gothtober,frankenstein,2009,viewmaster,peeping tom

That’s right, step right up, step right up, be a part of the world’s ONLY Time-Release Halloween Countdown Calendar! I’ve been a little late with getting the “Call to Work” out, but as you can see, I’ve started, so please, jump on board and:


CHECK OUT THE GOTHTOBER FAQ (this’ll give you the basics…)

You don’t have to be an artist to do Gothtober, you don’t even have to live in the same country, state or county that Gothtober is made! We’re looking for strange and weird, fun, freaky Halloween treats from everyone all over the world! We are Certified Public Internet art, generated for the public to peruse on their Falltime Internet Machines!

I’m talkin’ recipes, crafting how-to projects, stories, videos, animations, downloads, music, whatever you come up with, WE WANT YOU!!! Fill out an app, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible if you’ve made it into the calendar!

This Year’s Theme? Drive-In Movie! See the FAQ for a more detailed description.

Contact us with any questions the FAQ doesn’t address.

All right, show some graveyard spirit and send in your application, and remember: You’re Bootiful!

Snake eyeballs and beetle stew,

JP Head Candycorn