Gothtober Contributors Announced!


And so it begins! Up from the smokestack of Gothtober Headquarters went the blue smoke into the smoggy starry night, letting us know that the Gothtober Contributors have been chosen! For the rest of this month, they shall boil, toil, bubble and trouble, and only when September is finished shall the endeavors of each maker become unveiled, day by haunted day. Here are they are in all their glory, poised to deliver a veritable smorgasbord of strange and wonderful delights!

Will it be creepy? Will it be funny? Naughty? The answer is yes! Will it be photos? Music? Crafts? The answer is YES!

Barry Morse
Christine Panushka
Ordinary Oliver
Bona Bones
Del Norte Present
Christine Marie Nockels
Ian MacKinnon
Oon & Company
Lori Meeker

The Chambers
Jenn Paige Gordon
Ichabod Brain
Jo Harris the 13th
Rosalind Helfand
Michael Gump
Danny Torrance
Trixy Sweetvittles

Billy Kheel
Federico Tobon
Kimberly Kim
Triple T
Richert Gordon Salondaka
Waller Family Singers
Pete Levin
Nora R
The Stig