Oct 152015

It’s mildly terrifying!!! RUNN!!!!!!!

Never to shy away from a good and scary freak-out, Lori Meeker brings us one of the most terrifyingly mild pieces to hit Gothtober yet. Visit Day 15, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Within the parameters of the Gothtober framework comes a series of images that are sort of kind of disturbing in a mellow sort of way.

Watch this piece, and you may begin to feel the edges of your sanity begin to stay pretty much the same, but make you feel… like… 2% uneasy or something.

You might finally begin to comprehend the vaguely unsettling feeling people talk about on the news when they’ve just come from a placidly terrifying experience. You may experience no trouble sleeping, not all that much difficulty concentrating, you might think you’re hearing or seeing things, but not in a way that would make you lose your mind, just in a way that’s sort of weird or irksome. And it’s funny, did I mention that? Go see!


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