Movingarden’s Macabre Musings for Gothtober Day 17

Pumpkin Pumpkin 17, show us riddles unforeseen! We’ve gone from psychedelic to experimental this week, featuring the fast-paced, intricate and strangely wondrous stylings of artist and experimental animator, Alyssa Sherwood!

Alyssa says her piece is about:

Lots of incomplete ideas about Victorian people, molecular biology, lacework, DNA burrowing worm holes, child laborers and photos by Lewis Hine, Industrial Age carried forth through the work of tiny hands and mistreated children, Victorian women/fashion, the Fox sisters and the spiritualist compound, Lily Dale in upstate New York, ectoplasm, the earliest sound recording from1860 sounds like bees inter-mixed with what the song really sounds like.

I recommend watching it a few times, since you’ll probably notice different things with each viewing, at least that’s my experience.

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