Gothtober Drop Deadline: MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!

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Sep 052014


Gothtober 2014 Incantation! 

Witches and wizards, and ghosts full of fright,
Apply for Gothtober before twelve at night!

The clock it’s a ticking, your time’s running out,
This year will be one to remember, no doubt!

Prepare all your poisons and pickles and potions,
Begin harvesting all your terrible notions!

Arise and bestow upon us your grave whim
Whether bloody or funny or really quite grim

Just thirty-one doors will be part of Gothtober
Make sure you come join us before it’s all over!

Okay, now you know, and so you have been warned
If you have any questions contact Head Candycorn!





Gothtober Applications DUE AT MIDNIGHT!

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Aug 092013



Become part of an elite Halloween force for ART! Acquire worldwide fame! Receive rare collectible premiums! Attend the very special Gothtober Launch Party (Sept. 28th) AND the Gothtober Halloween Party (October 26th)  just for YOU! Apply now and recieveth our garish goulish gratitude!

Fill out the Application 

Need to know more info before you fill out the Application? 

Aug 292012

Gothtober ghoulies, lizards and ghosts,
Sign on the line and give us a toast!

Tonight will be midnight, the time to respond,
Please fill out the app from somewhere beyond!

Vampires and monsters from last Halloween,
Join us and send over frights unforeseen!

We thank you for being a part of our gang,
The 10th year of Gothtober will start with a BANG!