Tyra Banks and the Vampires

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Sep 122015

Do you enjoy vampire culture? Enjoy this exploration with Tyra, who interviews a long-haired halloween hunk with very sharp teeth!

Oct 152009


I’m sure you thought we forgot about things here in gothtoberland, but we have been busy getting everything ready for your viewing pleasure. That and we had a fantastic CrafttNight at AKBAR in Los Angeles putting together the fantastic cars that Lush Newton (day 10) designed.


But here you go. Have you ever lost your shoes? Really lost them? Especially the boots that you really loved and are just dying to wear to go out dancing tonight? Well, XKiller did, and she made a great flash animation about it. You can see that on day 14.


Day 15 features Miss Lori, who returns to gothtober with a puppet operetta about a besotted mother and her little girl. There are lessons to be learned about how to dress your child –  don’t you ignore them!


Day 16’s Dark Adams is also a gothtober veteran, and he gives us a peek into the Weird, Wild Old West (or at least what it may have sounded like.) Follow the instructions and download his mp3 file for your listening pleasure.

Oct 062009


Every so often, Gothtober is lucky to have some contributors who really throw down and take it all off. We’re talking about the Mercurial Sisters and their blatant habitual propensity for recording themes embracing the female form. This year, they have decided to take DAY 7 on the calendar and give to you the SEVEN SINS. What’s awesome is that you don’t even have to venture outside the house to look at this sensational and dazzling rendition of the Capital Vices, or Cardinal Sins, as observed both historically and by contemporary society. You can even sin while looking at your monitor!

Part of defining goodness is determining what goodness is NOT. The Mercurial Sisters know all too well that sin is a fascinating topic, sin is lawlessness, perverse inclination, clouded conscience, a pinching of the soul and the glorious celebrated root of free will. If what we know as the divine is essentially perfect and good, then all else in existence is merely a deficiency or limitation, a distraction from perfection. By and large, this is how we humans and our little evocative quirks make soap operas waaaay more interesting.

Take a look at today’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS, and tell yourself you aren’t tempted or aroused or at least intrigued by a little of what you see. Revel for a moment in the sin you’re best at, which one preoccupies you the most? Enjoy DAY 7, dear viewer, and if you’re going to embrace your imperfections and be tempted… as Plato and Socrates used to say “Know thyself.” Then go have yourself a blast!

Sep 282009

There are 38 steps up to Gothtober Headquarters, and lugging Jason Pipkin’s drum kit up all of them made us appreciate each and every step even more than usual. We are quite fortunate to have the Electones on board to make beautiful tunes to cruise to as you peruse this year’s Gothtober 2009 calendar.
The Electones are, respectively: Jason Myers on Guitar, Mike Bolger on Keyboard, and the aforementioned Jason Pipkin on drums. The boys filled up the living room with all manner of musical gadgets, not the least of which was a fantastic Leslie-style rotating speaker that Jason built and Mike’s lovely electric keyboard made in 1971.
Check out what happens when you give the Electones coffee and popcorn and ask them to play some intermission music for the Gothtober Drive-In! This music will be sweetened and used as the calendar’s main theme… look for it Gothtober FIRST!!! Woooooooo!

Sep 252009

Gothtober dashboard widget

Due to the fabulous wizardry of Cristin Pescosolido’s electronical mad skills, Gothtober offers you this handy-dandy widget for your Mac computer! This handy widget features a fancy neon blinking pumpkin as well as useful  information on the Gothtober Artist of the day, in addition to over 31 random daily corny, gross or weird Halloween tips that were dreamed up by Head Candycorn, Julianna Parr.

Get your amazing Gothtober Widget here!