Gothtober Day 29: Wallers Share a Classic!

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Oct 292017
Visit and click on DAY 29 for a story you know so well from awhile ago. As the narration floats in a jovial and tranquil fashion, we’re faced with a room that changes here and there… sometimes with cats, and sometimes with… individuals. Enjoy this “oldie” told in a newish way, filmed in California where the palm trees sway.

The Mystery of DAY 14

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Oct 142015

glassy_eyes_violin watson
It’s elementary that eventually, with enough sleuthing, you’d arrive at DAY 14 on Gothtober.
Watch as Sherlock Holmes uses his brilliant deductions to solve the mystery of Friday the 13th! A very special royal figure makes an appearance in this wonderfully narrated gripping family film!
Rumor has it that the Gailiunas, Aaron, Williams, and Waller families were involved in this funky riddle, but we were unable to recognize any of them, maybe they were on the film crew. Huh.

You do know what Sherlock Holmes uses when he wants to make cookies, right?