Health Fair with Doctor Paul! Gothtober DAY 9

At the stroke of midnight, on October first, 2013, Gothtober launched…. and so did the shut down of the US Government! For Gothtober DAY 9 we have a special reminder and musical presentation brought to you by Dr. Paul (doctor, musician, artist) and animator, Lori D. that Healthcare is a Human Right! 

The Doctor recommends that you visit right away and get started on your health plan, otherwise your taxes will go up, and if a gnarly haunted tree bops you on the head, you won’t be covered! Neither vampire bites or werewolf scratches are covered either!

If you’re in California, you can also visit Covered California!

Other recommendations from Doctor Paul include: 

  • Getting your flu shot
  • Eating low sodium kettle corn
  • Don’t exceed three gobstoppers per day
  • Avoid listening to excessive amounts of news media, it causes anxiety!

Who is Tommy Douglas, you may inquire? A CBC Television show voted Tommy Douglas “The Greatest Canadian” based on a viewer-supported survey! The leader of the Saskatchewan CCF elected 1942, The Honorable Douglas built a program to offer free hospital care to all citizens—the first in Canada. Doctor Paul hails from Canada, and suffice it to say, is a huge supporter of health care for all, and so is Gothtober! While we don’t have socialized medicine in the good ol’ US of A, Obamacare is a good start! The US needs affordable health care, we voted on it, it’s time! Let’s all pitch in and take care of each other.

And who is Lori D? Only one of the coolest animators we know! She lives up in Portland, OR.  Check out her work, glad to have you aboard, Lori D! 

You should check out this wonderful piece she did for Yo Gabba Gabba featuring Paco’s Listen.