Gothtober 2018 OPENS with Horror Movie Survival Guide!!!

Happy Gothtober, everyone! Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY ONE to see today’s offering! 

The calendar went LIVE last night, we always pick newbies for DAY 1, to get you in the mood for fall fun!

It’s time for puppets! It’s time for, specifically, puppets of the two hosts from the “Horror Movie Survival Guide,” Julia Marchese, and Marion Kerr. Created and puppeted by one of their fiercely crafty producers, Teri Gamble, you can watch the 2-D version of our hosts give you expert advice on how to STAY ALIVE when watching horror movies, very good tips!

This information is hard to get and highly prized, we trust you’ll watch, learn, and keep it away from evil forces, demons, flesh-eating zombies, you know, the horror hoi polloi. From oldies back in film’s beginning days, to VHS classics, to more modern creature features, this lively, witty and candid podcast delves deep with insights, minutia, personal anecdotes, and plenty of great facts and figures to boost your horror movie knowledge. For instance, did you know that Piper Laurie’s bible verses in Brian DePalma’s Carrie are all completely fake and made up… but somehow still amazingly believable?

Find all past and future episodes here!

Gothtober Day 28: Del Norte’s Tips for Better Living

Visit and click on DAY 28 to understand, for better or for worse, what it takes to not totally ruin your Holiday Halloween plans. From not blendering your appendages into a whirly mush or using your ear canal as a pencil sharpener, Del Norte makes a lot of sense. They KNOW what they’re talking about, demonstrated by the uh… limbs and various body parts strewn and placed about this stern PSA!
I’m glad they’ve brought awareness to these issues, I don’t know how we’ve survived this long without these examples! Read up and have a safe time when it’s All Hallow’s Eve, and don’t forget to NOT pickle yer own fingers!!!