Oct 202010

It’s a craft. It’s an adventure. It’s a user-guided experience, a dérive, a gamble. It is, ladies and ghouls, a musically-inspired chance operation bicycle expedition tool. And it’s a generous collection of free, fantastic song downloads, hey-o!

Gothtober Day 20Gothtober Day 20It’s also apparently a glitch in the Matrix, as evidenced by the disappearing/ reappearing cat. Spooky.

This is the first year that Jen Hofer — wordsmith, nostalgia-collector and other amazing things, and Rob Ray — boy genius, pixel-magician and also other amazing things, have teamed up as the Free Radicals. It is lovely to see the eon-spanning, old/new media-mashing outcome. Bicycles are some of the best old media, after all.

Enjoy this mesmerizing watch and listen, and download the project for your own wandering devices. Don’t let the megabytes scare you; this download is worthwhile. Did we mention the free songs?

Oct 192010

Gothtober boomboxThere are really two parts to Kate Morrison’s “Revenge of the Haunted Boombox”: the video, wherein a tiny haunted boombox wreaks havoc on the listening pleasure of various tiny characters; and the credits, where your own pleasure is put to the test: guilty or not guilty?

And actually, there is a third part, where you go back and watch the whole thing again just so you can catch every gem of dialogue that whizzes by in miniature-stop-motion speed. There should probably be an additional fourth part where we quiz you on the script and you win a 10-minute grabbing spree at the Candy Factory, but really, how complicated does this need to be? Jeeeeez.

Just watch the video, for heaven’s sake.