Witchy Witches Return for Gothtober Day 10

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The Witchy Witches return from the coven to talk about a HAUNTED CASINO! We’ll delve into the WHY and the HOW and even the WHO of just what goes on in these kinds of places! They share supernatural ghostly witchy anecdotes, some of them NSFW be advised, pretty saucy stuff!  Watch and fall under their gamblin’ spells!

Matt Katz Topless Piano Magic for Gothtober Day 2

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Imagine my surprise, my delight, my utter THRILL to receive this piece for Gothtober and present it to you. Matt Katz is one of my favorite musicians, I’ve only sung with him once, but I’d do it again in two shakes of a lamb’s tail! When he said he’d do a song for us, I was over the moon.

Here you can have a wonderful musical experience whilst gazing at his fine form playing a beautiful song by Goldfrapp. But this is no routine tickling of the ivories all regular style. He’s playing it topless AND blindfolded AND wearing what looks like a knit executioner-style hood from Robin Hood days!?!

In his own words, Matt says

“This song represents a story of mystery, of a person falling in love with danger for brief moment, and seemingly pays the ultimate price for curiosity. I chose to put my self in danger and play blindfolded. Happy Gothtober yall!”

I love how it sounds perfectly autumn-like, you can feel the temperature getting cooler, maybe some wet sidewalks and skittering leaves… and there’s a pensive, gloomy longing in the tune enticing you just around the bend for every note.

You could put this in your headphones and stand in front of a bog or a marsh, looking into the distance, wistfully, pulling your cloak a little closer to keep from shivering.

Just the Facts for Day 27 with Ian MacKinnon and Company

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.21.58 AM

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It’s time for mid terms, or rather, it’s time for 13 teachable moments in the form of three witchy sisters who have a thing or two to teach you about Halloween. Prepare yourself for a list of stone cold snopes-proof fact about our favorite holiday, and yes, there will be a test.

You’ve never seen this much make-up and attitude crammed into one educational presentation, your brain curds are going to leak out your ears, they’ll be so smart! Never fear, these three damsels in excess will make sure you’ve got enough brains for everyday living.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if you have leftover BBQ sauce. 

Ian MacKinnon is a gay based performance activist in Los Angeles, the writer and performer of The Gay Hist-Orgy series of shows that has played all over California. If you haven’t seen his time traveling hot pants, well, please do yourself a favor and let Ian take you on a romp down memory lane as soon as possible.

He teaches workshops, he makes new shows and performances constantly, he’s a never-ending power source of fiery flaming inspirational awesome that will make you feel like your underwear is made out of 5,000 tiny peppermints!

You can also catch Ian at Planet Queer, along with other interstellar performers, it’s the first Monday of every month at Akbar on the corner of Sunset and Fountain.