Gothtober Day 23: Jenny Walsh

Visit and click on DAY 23 to see turbulent, fast-moving HAUNTED action from Jenny Walsh!
How do you feel about pirate zombies, skulls, tarantulas, severed heads with pipes going through them, video games, and the DJ with a cult-like following: Bassnectar? Well, you’re gonna find out! It’s crazy, it’s creepy, it’s IN YOUR FACE! And it’s here for Gothtober!
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Confectionary Crazy with Jenny Walsh • Day 23


There is a LOT of candy in today’s Gothtober 23rd cinematic jaunt, so much that you may feel your glycemic index go up just a bit watching today’s animated diversification of candy craziness!

Jenny Walsh, fim maker, commercial animator, teacher, and martial arts mama has recruited her sons, Harry and Liam, to help her make the shapes march and twirl across the candy screen! They could not be learning from a better animator, Jenny Walsh’s locomotion skills are to be envied, she knows analysis and locomotion, squash and stretch, the rhythm and blues of making stuff move. Habitually, Jenny Walsh is always Day 23 on the Gothtober calendar, so for past glimpses of her greatness, visit the Gothtober archives and check out all of the twenty-threes.

It is indeed a conspiracy, a plot to inspire trick-or-treating and rabble-rousing of the best kind. 

You’ll dig the 8-bit soundtrack, colors and composition of this animated piece. Jenny’s husband, Dave, did the editing and post, so it really is a family affair!

DAY 23: Lycanthropy Saturday!

For some people, a Saturday night isn’t just a simple night of partying, they’ve got to be aware of what condition the MOON is in before they get any ideas, as the town will get painted red all right, but not in the way you might think.

Jenny Walsh sends up a superbly animated piece that gives us a window into the world of another… a hairy, hungry supernatural being in a city you may have heard of in your geography books. This is Jenny’s 7th consecutive piece for Gothtober, we’re thrilled as always to unveil her work for you to see tonight.

Take me to London…