Gothtober Day 19: David LeBarron’s Pumpy the Pumpkin!

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Oct 192017
Visit and click on DAY 19 to see/hear a full gamut of emotions with David LeBarron and a squash in peril!
It is fire season in California, no doubt you have heard. Sometimes, you just get burned, just like Pumpy the Pumpkin! Within this charming little film are three very different reactions to burning hellfire.

NOTE: A very real pumpkin WAS destroyed while making this piece, but just remember: 1.) It’s not actually alive, despite the impassioned voiceover 2.) It smelled delicious! 

When you’re a pumpkin, and you have been cooked, it’s nice to know that you make the world a better place in puree form. You can be stirred into oatmeal, made into compound butter, used as gourmet ravioli filling with sage, churned into ice cream, added to cinnamon rolls, swirled into smoothies… the glorious flavor of roasted pumpkin is a fall favorite.
The little sliver of time Pumpy the Pumpkin has been given sits at the tip of 13.8 billion years of existence. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another, and transferred from one object to another. This means that Pumpy is still with us, as a spiced latte, as seeds in the garden, or even perhaps in another dimension, serving donuts on another planet.

Find out more about David LeBarron  here! 

The Stig! DAY 20

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Oct 202015

Visit Gothtober Day 20 and see something really pawsome!

In the paw prints of Rin Tin Tin, Benji, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, Lassie, Boomer, and Spuds McKenzie, the answer to the top of the 21st century pantheon of dog heroes goes to THE STIG!!! The Stig is a basset hound who is terribly, devastatingly, photogenic.

The Stig wears costumes, poses for the camera, and has become quite the Hollywood personality about town.

Today he’s starring in a custom-made haunted slideshow just for you, a set of stills from his monster movie days.

You can follow The Stig on Instagram, he’s especially scary today in “The Stiging” so set your phasers to “follow” and witness the escapades of one very adventurous dog!