Angry Townfolk Burn Up Gothtober Day 7

angry_townspeople Gothtober DAY 7 (The Book titled Jane Weyre) brings us a chilling, thrilling and exquisite florescent light adventure with voice work by the Gump siblings, Arrow and Pixie Gump!

Arrow Gump supplies the harrowing narration, Pixie Gump supplies the voice of the Monster Baby, and PapaWapa Gump staged and animated all of the beautiful hand made props and scenery to form a heck of a family project! Put together with the expert editing stylistics of Brandon Minton, and man, have we got THE MONSTER’S GRAAAAAVE!!!!

Enjoy what will become a seasonal favorite for years to come, and if you see an angry green baby marching your way: Run!!!! (and then call us, because we need to know what happens next.)

Want to see some other amazing things from Michael and Brandon, respectively?

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Heart-Heart-Heart-Heart Beats for Gothtober DAY 12

Get out your heart rate monitor and set up the EKG, coming at you is the latest and greatest from LaMuff, the fiery, fierce and fabulous songstress out of Los Angeles, California. This piece will hit you with savory sweet electric beats that will get your toes tapping and your blood pumping.

LaMuff’s been part of Gothtober for years, visit our archives and find her in adventures past, from wearing gold lamé, to being the voice of a fast food hamburger, to surrounding herself with stop-motion candy.

You can find news about upcoming performances by visiting and if you want the convenience of watching LaMuff right from the comfort of your monitor, check out her YouTube channel featuring LaShow! Here’s a little sample: