The Stig Strikes Again for Gothtober DAY 12

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Oct 122016


Visit and click on DAY 12 to see The Stig!

They say that things go better with basset hounds, so we invited The Stig to come on over and celebrate with us for another Gothtober. My goodness, this canine doesn’t disappoint! This year’s presentation by our furry long-eared fellow takes us down an eerie wooded path to tell a story we’ve all been addicted to over the summer. No spoilers! In the footsteps of Flash on Dukes of Hazzard, Sam on That’s So Raven, and Tex Avery’s cartoon creation, the beloved Droopy, The Stig is doing a fine job of becoming everyone’s modern day household Basset Hound!

The Stig! DAY 20

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Oct 202015

Visit Gothtober Day 20 and see something really pawsome!

In the paw prints of Rin Tin Tin, Benji, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, Lassie, Boomer, and Spuds McKenzie, the answer to the top of the 21st century pantheon of dog heroes goes to THE STIG!!! The Stig is a basset hound who is terribly, devastatingly, photogenic.

The Stig wears costumes, poses for the camera, and has become quite the Hollywood personality about town.

Today he’s starring in a custom-made haunted slideshow just for you, a set of stills from his monster movie days.

You can follow The Stig on Instagram, he’s especially scary today in “The Stiging” so set your phasers to “follow” and witness the escapades of one very adventurous dog!