Gothtober Day 6: In Pizza We Crust with Del Norte Presents

Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY SIX  for a culinary tour of Halloween Pizzas! 

Do you like cute pizzas? Do you like cute HALLOWEEN pizzas?
Del Norte Presents has come through for us in a way never before seen on Gothtober! Sometimes you see these types of seasonal recipes in magazines and wonder to yourself “Do any of these actually WORK?”
Del Norte Presents Kitchen has taken on ALL the work of making and tasting four variations on a “Halloween Pizza” theme and brought the savings to you! Get your toppings together and follow along with the step-by-step photos.
Helpful informational tidbits make putting these decorative pies together a cinch, you’ll be the slice of the party!

Drankin’ with Del Norte Presents! DAY 12

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.30.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.31.06 PM

Are you feelin’ lucky, my friend? Are you ready to rumble? Are you a Gothtober party animal? How many rounds can you go? Well it’s Gothtober DAY 12 so let’s just count out the shots and see where the night takes us.

Your horse is headless, your witch is brewed, you are three… four… thirteen ghost sheets to the wind! That is, if you take a romp to the cave of spirits with Del Norte Presents!

They are here, they are back, they are pouring themselves and you some cocktails for the witching hour. It’s always been well known that if you imbibe enough beverages, you will either meet or become something other than is expected. You could meet a blue fairy, you could become Elvis, you could wander into a night scape of incomprehensible zombie sing-a-longs! BRAIIINNNNZZZZZZ!!!!

We suspect that this might be the MOST fun anyone’s ever had making a Gothtober piece, at least, where revelry is concerned. Watch it, but also watch out, it seems a little haunted, did you see that bartender? I didn’t! It’s a joyous celebration, possibly a wee woozy outcome. It’s nothing a little alka-seltzer, low lighting, aspirin and an ice pack on the head can’t solve in the morning.

Also: Something kind of spooky… the day before on Gothtober, is Dianne Chadwick’s 13 creepy cocktail recipes for Day 11, and then for Day 12 we have these fearless carousers from Del Norte Presents getting absolutely soused with spirits! These Gothtober artists, to my mind, have never met. They just came up with these shenanigans and it was put together so serendipitously to make a Double Whammy hootch-a-rama on the Gothtober calendar this year, a one two (spiked) punch!

Head Down the Runway with Del Norte Presents for Gothtober DAY 14

What are they watching? They are watching Amelia… where will she go next?

Coming at you from REAL airports in southern California is Del Norte Presents (visit Gothtober and click on luggage #14). Seems like no matter how aimless zombies seem, they do have a goal in mind, and Amelia Earhart is no exception. Most zombies are known to want brains, but zombie Amelia’s a bit different.

Del Norte went all over the place getting this great airport footage! Here’s what Del Norte has to say about it:

The older planes where located at the Proud Bird restaurant by LAX. We did a gorilla photo shoot there a few weeks ago. Zombie Amelia greeted guests in the parking lot. We are thinking to do a Halloween special brunch there in costume…

The plane Amelia gets into was courtesy of our location scout and resident Colombian who’s uncle owns a plane at the Compton airport (that is right we went to Compton)…Awesome yellow van also thanks to our location scout/translator and his uncle.

The brains Del Norte Presents used for the film were sourced in LA, they made jello brains, found gummy brains and plastic brains all in the name of Gothtober! Magnifique!