Creepy Day 16 with Anne Yatco!

Do you hear the song Ring Around the Rosie in the background? Oh… yes. How unsettling.
Enjoy this extra eerie moment with Anne Yatco!

1.) It took her about 40 minutes to do her makeup
2.) She shot her film in her apartment (her husband Zach was gracious enough to be her DP).
3.) And as for the title of the film, yes, it’s meant to refer to the Spanish Flu.

It’s like she had pandemic on the brain or something…

Horrific and Fantastic, Mellowcreme Style! • Day 28

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.22.12 PM

Mellocreme Fairchild III invites you to gaze upon 13 paintings from the human race that explore the horrors, the darkness, the eerie and the depraved. Please look, take a gander, dance with your fears in a safe way upon this little gem of monstrosities and unsettling moments. Some of these images are freakishly weird and threatening, others are more subtle, but explore deeply important themes of our times: past, present and future.

For to see these things is to see a truth that is sitting just below the surface, the patina of contentedness can only last so long, and the sheer terror of breathing in and breathing out bathes you in a cool, terrified sweat. In a world constantly trying to lie about the terrors of living and making everything appear to be “just fine” here instead is a refreshing collection of reminders that maybe every cloud has a bloody lining, not a silver one.