Gothtober Info 2017


Welcome to the FIFTEENTH Gothtober Countdown Calendar! 

The Gothtober Countdown Calendar™ is an annual curated time-release autumnal symposium showcasing 31 works by 31 different contributors. Behind each numbered day waits a new Halloween treat for you!

This irreverent grotesquerie of the season is a grab bag of multimedia offerings such as tiny films, crafts, recipes, stories, and more. We really want people to make strange things with their pencils, cameras, cut-outs, animations, potions, paints, and presentations.

It’s a DIY love letter to pumpkin spice, sweater weather, costumes, candy, and all that goes bump in the night. At this year’s calendars completion, Gothtober will proudly host over 400 works within its archives.

We want you to know that only the most fresh, imported cyclops eyeballs, spider fangs, and crispy peanut brittle goes into every calendar we build.


Producer, Curator, Director, PR, Head Candy Corn: Julianna (JP) Parr
High Priestess of Web and Ghosts in the Machine: Cristin Pescosolido
Creepy Crusty Calendar Programmer and Architect: Michael Soderstrom 

Gothtober is brought to you by SparkleBlob, the non-profit umbrella that proudly brings you CraftNight, DocuMART™. puppet shows, performances, and a whole lot of other happenings engineered to bring art to Los Angeles and beyond.

If you enjoy Gothtober, we invite you to visit to be a part of our ongoing plans, projects and programs.

Julianna Parr

Gothtober Head Candy Corn

Executive Director,

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