Gothtober Bios 2018

The 2018 Gothtober Countdown Calendar is pleased as pumpkin pie to show you the people behind this year’s curated creepy collection. They are from all walks of life, doing all kinds of projects! Take a look and enjoy reading the bio of each Gothtober Artist!
1 – Horror Movie Survival Guide
2 – Mat Katz
3 – Francis and Clyde
4 – Yuki Okada
5 – Marquis Howell
6 – Del Norte
7 – Dragon Girl
8 – David LeBarron
9 – Rod Serling, Jr.
10 – Ian MacKinnon
11 – Camaron Fantasma
12 – Ash
13 – Michael Gump
14 – Danny Torrance
15 – Lori Meeker and Heavy Sweater Productions
16 – Chris Baughman
17 – Empress
18 – Rick Orner
19 – Mellocreme Fairchild III
20 – Family Fisher
21 – Pandora and Pandemonia
22 – Federico Tobon
23 – Jenny Walsh
24 – Family Chambers
25 – Jenn Paige Gordon
26 – Family Waller
27 – Molly Allis
28 – Kimberly Kim
29 – Bona Bones
30 – Barry Morse
31 – Kristen Erickson


DAY 1 – Horror Movie Survival Guide

Horror Movie Survival Guide is a weekly podcast where two unlikely gorehounds delve into their Horror Movie Notebook from college, in which they meticulously kept track of every film they watched in the horror movie section of their old local video store, in their quest to learn how to survive, and to ensure they end up as “the final girl”. Join Julia and Marion as they revisit the classic and obscure horror VHS they viewed and logged in their notebook, breaking each movie down one by one, geeking out over all the ghastly minutia, and ultimately illuminating the path to survival.

Produced by Adam Bowman and Teri Gamble

DAY 2 – Matt Katz

My name is Matt Katz.
I am a songwriter, producer, musician, piano teacher, voice instructor , and hat salesman. My Home Studio , is where I make sounds all day. I love music both new and old. I love a good old living room cabaret. This year, I chose to sing “Stranger” by Goldfrapp. This song represents a story of mystery, of a person falling in love with danger for brief moment, and seemingly pays the ultimate price for curiosity. I chose to put my self in danger and play blindfolded. Happy Gothtober yall!

DAY 3 – Francis and Clyde

From a couple of 11-yr olds~~~~
I am a drummer in a band, a rock climber, I also Have a YouTube channel, and I am a passionate editor, I like adventuring and I fricking LOVE MY CATS! Check out my YouTube Channel! 
Hi im Clyde and I have a passion for making “unprofessional” movies, and I have friends… i think…

DAY 4 – Yuki Okada

Is probably going to move to Maui, but for now, she’s in LA, doing graphic design and experimenting with her bubbling potions to create recipes you’ll just die for, and then ask for seconds.


DAY 5 – Marquis Howell III

I’m Marquis, pronounced Mar-Kiss since I’m not as French as my name. I front the world’s wildest spooky swing band, Marquis & The Rhythm Howlers. Think Cab Calloway meets Rob Zombie. Dig it up at

DAY 6 – Del Norte Presents
After last year’s DIY don’ts, the Del Norte Presents presenters focused on some Gothtober dos for 2018.This year, we find our presenting presenters in the test kitchen of our headquarters on Del Norte, serving up some spooky nutrition for your next haunted gathering. With options aplenty, the Del Norte presenters hope you enjoy this year’s departure from the fear and unease of our usual presentations.

DAY 7 – Dragon Girl
Dragon Girl is a 12-year old artist, residing in a small (well, not really that small) tourist town in California. She’s be drawing seriously for two years, has filled over 13 sketchbooks (assorted sizes), and does other types of art as well – some of these include sewing, sculpting, and animating! She hopes to make a sustainable business on her trade when she gets older.

DAY 8 – David LeBarron
Chris Baughman and David LeBarron, the comedy duo better known as David LeBarron and Chris Baughman, have been seen in many variations together. Onstage they dazzled in It All Makes Sense, and you may have oo’d and awwe’d at many a Holiday show! On video they have been paired in Wicca Please and the hugely successful: David and Chris review! Their alter egos Sunday Morning and Auntie Luscious could not be here, Gothtober is far too edgy for such esteemed mainstreamed performers! Chris and David are pleased as spiked punch to play with JP again! (Insert a heart emoji or something cute like a unicorn dying here.)

They are available for parties.

DAY 9 – Rod Serling, Jr.
This year, I decided not to make an original film for Gothtober. I was going through my father’s attic and came across a lost episode of The Twilight Zone, from 1962. I am proud to present it as my entry for Day 9 of this year’s Gothtober. Hope you all enjoy it, but be warned . . . it is TERRIFYING!!!!

DAY 10 – The Witchy Witches
The Witchy Witches are deee-lited to bring you another fantastical Halloween video spell in honor of Gothtober’s 15th birthday! Since 2012 the Witchy Witches have haunted the Gothtober video advent calendar with truly outrageous outrageousness and magical magicness. Guy-a Magique LaMarr, Frizzy Fawcett, and Lady Ass Majick shall enact our annual incantational direct to video ceremonial ceremony to save the world!

DAY 11 – Comaron Fantasma

Coral is an amorphous artist and professional procrastinator that enjoys
all things Halloween. When Coral is not queering out the world one head at a time, you can find her roaming the streets of LA on an annoyingly loud motorcycle, hanging off a rock somewhere in the forest/desert, chasing soccer balls in some park,  listening to metal in the dark, adventuring with her dog, or volunteering at ProjectQ.
Want Coral to queer out your head? Check out the Instagram: @touchedbyagayblade

DAY 12 – Asher Slasher

Asher Slasher is an artist, vampire, and lazy witch. Actually, he’s just lazy. He really should have a website by now, but maybe next year. For now, you can see him procrastinate via IG and Twitter at @ashdiesattheend

DAY 13 – Michael Gump
Is also known as Bob Bugs. He makes art the likes of which you’ve never seen, and twice that you’ll never forget. Visit him on Instagram in all of his many forms. 

DAY 14 – Danny Torrance, aka Julianna Parr 
Julianna (JP) Parr that’s me, the incognito Head Candycorn of Gothtober. I do a piece every year on Gothtober so that, in addition to running the calendar and curating 30 wacky artists, I get a chance to make art myself, and also put myself in the position of having to MAKE A THING for the calendar, and be empathetic to each contributor’s experience. In addition to making a Gothtober piece, I gather, curate and bug Gothtober artists, chasing them and collecting their artworks, all while creating/designing/illustrating the Gothtober calendar!

DAY 15 – Lori Meeker and Heavy Sweater Productions

Lori is a mortal woman hailing from the depths of the City of Angels.  She is a painter, costume designer, and friend to puppets everywhere.  She enjoys creepy dolls, hedge-witchery, talking to faeries, and discovering weird and wonderful places in the U.S. Make a wish, count to 10, learn her secrets @lorimeekerart
Thanks to friends and family and feline.  Special thanks to HEAVY SWEATER PRODUCTIONS for their outstanding animating skills.

DAY 16 – Chris Baughman

Chris Baughman and David LeBarron, the comedy duo better known as David LeBarron and Chris Baughman, have been seen in many variations together. Onstage they dazzled in It All Makes Sense, and you may have oo’d and awwe’d at many a Holiday show! On video they have been paired in Wicca Please and the hugely successful: David and Chris review! Their alter egos Sunday Morning and Auntie Luscious could not be here, Gothtober is far too edgy for such esteemed mainstreamed performers! Chris and David are pleased as spiked punch to play with JP again! (Insert a heart emoji or something cute like a unicorn dying here.)

They are available for parties.

DAY 17 – Empress

Empress is an empress who’s older than most dirt. Having drunk her way through most of recorded history she’s taking a keen interest in the behavior of all the lemon drops that surround her and the Girl Scout cookies and the Yeager bombs and the kamikazes (read as  regular people just like you).  Especially how they were doing it wrong just like you’re doing it wrong and she’s here to point out to you.


DAY 18 – Rick Orner 

Rick Orner apparently can’t make up his mind about what kind of artist he is. He has worked in traditional special-effects as an animatronics and prop fabricator, been the production designer on an Oscar nominated animated short, is a graphic designer for netflix/marvel DVD releases, is a 3D animator, ran the lighting for a club in 1990’s Seattle, repaired rides at Universal Studios, was in a Cheerios commercial singing bad karaoke, a shopping center Easter Bunny….. You get the idea.
If anyone reading this has a degree in psychology, please stop by to peruse the evidence and offer a diagnosis.

DAY 19 – Mellocreme Fairchild III 
Mellowcreme is an LA-based multimedia artist who enjoys wearing socks, voiding warranties, puppeting, conducting delicious kitchen chemistry experiments, and confusing hardware store clerks who ask her “What will you be using this for?”

DAY 20 – Family Fisher

The youngest of the Fisher Family is Master Kai Xavier, a warrior of the axe who spends his nights hunting prey. Siri Genevieve is his vicious older sibling, an aural sorcerer with command of a thousand spell and song. Their elders are Professor K.M.F. the Witch Doctor and Lord of The Dirt Hole El Mago Cañonero.

DAY 21 – Pandora and Pandemonia
Pandora and Pandemonia are monophrenic witches who don´t accept that they are living on opposite sides of the world. So they make the same cookies at the same time, but only half each. Interstellar time-weaving brings the two halves together without a glitch. Itch. Bitch. Titchy titchy. That’s the Kvetch-22 spell. User beware, morph with care.

More on Vimeo

DAY 22 – Federico Tobon
He wanted to be a writer when he was in high school, but the drawings on the margins and the back of his notebooks kept on getting bigger and stronger. More alive. They ate the words, chewing them with little noises of ink and paper (they had a hard time swallowing the poems but genuinely enjoyed some of the short stories).Federico’s hands sided with the drawings and said they’d much rather spend time making things and pictures than writing words. “What makes us happy will make you happy” they said with satisfied hand gestures. An agreement was forged and Federico makes and draws every day. The hands have kept their promise. Their creations can be seen here: or on Instagram @wolfcatworkshop.

DAY 23 – Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh is sharpening sticks, licking frogs and playing tricks. Later she’ll be boiling meats, spitting bees and baking treats. Halloween is ne’r a bore, for those who darken Jenny’s door.

DAY 24 – Family Chambers

Christy Chambers lives with her favorite red bearded Ogre and their smelly 14 year old giant in a small village in Germany. She spends her days making art with teenagers and entertaining the locals. For fun she wanders the deep dark fairy tale forests to photograph moss and poisonous fungus. She is also working on a degree in stinky cheese and regional wines.

Brian Chambers lives with the lady above, He failed at being a nihilist and spends his days making video games. He routinely hunts for treasure in the local German forest and prefers beer from Bavaria.

Nigel Chambers lives with the family above and after consulting with his comrades, does not approve the public distribution of his bio as it might compromise the mission.

DAY 25 – Jenn Paige Gordon
Jenn Paige Gordon is a cartoonist scribbling around Los Angeles. Her work often discusses mental health and Queer existence in this madcap world.

You can find her online at or on instagram as @evening_creatures


DAY 26 – Family Waller

All hail Katie, Zola, Henry, Hazel, and Rob! Tra la la there go the Wallers innocently walking along. When all of a sudden the witches show up to tempt them by talking about the awesome power that is going to be theirs upon the heath.


DAY 27 – Molly Allis

Molly Allis is an interdisciplinary artist and musician based in Los Angeles. She designs and constructs immersive environments that encourage audience participation and improvisation within a narrative. Working primarily with recycled materials, she re-imagines everyday objects that serve as props for participants to play with. Her work raises questions around the boundaries of material reality through activating a world of make believe and play. The hidden potential within discarded objects extends into her work with children, where she teaches kids how to use tools to build large-scale structures out of recycled materials. Her award-winning animations have screened in festivals internationally, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Madrid Experimental Film Festival, and the Linoleum Festival in Moscow. She has worked with the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont, and Great Small Works Toy Theater Company in Brooklyn. She spent several years performing with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, in a 30-piece radical activist marching band in New York that supports communities working for social justice. Molly received her BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Theater Directing/Design, and her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in Integrated Media and Experimental Sound Practices.

DAY 28 – Kimberly Kim

Pumpkin Guts!

DAY 29 – Bona Bones
Bona Bones is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts holding a B.F.A. in Experimental Animation and obtained an MFA in Animation at the University of Edinburgh- Edinburgh College of Art. During her time at CalArts she primarily focused on stop motion animation. While typically found in the animation department, she has also has experience as a seamstress, puppet/set fabricator and production designer.

DAY 30 – Barry Morse
Los Angeles native Barry Morse is an artist working in video, painting, sculpture and performance.

DAY 31 HALLOWEEN! – Kristen Erickson

Kristen Erickson is a ceramic artist and educator based out of Pomona, California. Working in both high fire & midrange clays, Erickson produces functional vessels, wall pieces, sculptural works, and wearables. She also creates interactive gallery and museum projects that focus on public engagement, education, and collaboration. With 17 years of experience in clay, a BFA in Environmental Art from Otis College Of Art + Design, and an extensive background in architecture, Erickson’s skill set is a diverse one that continues to drive her work in new directions. Currently, Erickson teaches ceramics at various community studios within the Los Angeles area.

LAURA MANN – Gothtober’s Programmer for 2018
Fingers over keys with the greatest of ease. Laura is “The Wolf” for Gothtober, finding the teeniest glitches and fixing things in our code while also eating a cheese sandwich, playing card games, handling phone calls and trying on different shoes.

MICHAEL SODERSTROM – Gothtober’s Programmer for 2015

This year’s 2018 calendar is using the blueprint from the original programming of Michael Soderstrom from back in 2015. Wednesday Oct 30, 1992: a young Michael was sitting in his chemistry class thinking that he would do anything to make the last ten minutes go faster. There and then a Faustian bargain was struck.  Now in a desperate attempt to win back possession of his soul he designs websites dedicated to Halloween and Swedish metal bands.

CRISTIN PESCOSOLIDO – Gothtober’s High Priestess of Web

Who set up and maintains Gothtober’s servers? Who helps compress and upload content to the calendar? Who helps suss out Gothtober coding emergencies? The bubbling cauldron is only as good as it’s witches, and we’ve got one of the best: Cristin Pescosolido is a compositor and visual effects supervisor who likes to make short films in her spare time. Sometimes they are creepy and gross, sometimes silly and not gross at all. You have probably seen her professional work in the film, Rogue One where she made the Death Star look good, the planet Scarif look very glowy and bright. Her other interests include experimental photography, knitting, rugby, keeping early 1970s fords running, and the occasional welding and stained glass work.