Gothtober Quinceañera Day 10 with Moonhouse Productions!

Visit and click on DAY 10 to see quite the party from Moonhouse Productions!

Day 10 is brought to you by Moon House Productions, also known as Paprika Clark and Emily Hansen. Emily and Paprika are multi-talented creative types. They met after college and have known each other for over 20 years – but they never played with dolls together until they brainstormed the idea for their Quinceañera-themed Gothtober project.

The characters starring in Dia de La Quinceañera started out as previously loved Bratz and Monster High dolls tracked down on Ebay and garage sales. Each was carefully auditioned and screen tested, then hand painted and costumed in (mostly) custom made clothing. The Moon House crew managed to spend weeks designing the characters and crafting the look and style of the film without dancing the dolls around and talking for them…. Much.

In the end our favorite character ideas were the ones that filled out the film as background artists – the Ghost of Frida Kahlo and our Dia de los Muertos figure, who are both at the party repping the ancestors. Long live our honored forebearers!

After many layers of artist’s acrylic paint and Mr. Super Clear sealant and some strategic use of polymer clay, the dolls were ready for their closeups. Emily’s son, Trenton, improvised and performed the musical score, and Emily put her magical effects and editing skills together to make the gem you see before you.

We enjoyed these creations immensely, and look forward to making many more variations on these themes in the future. If you would like to see more on the doll-creation process (and possibly buy one of the “actors” for your own collection), please visit

Find out more about Moonhouse Productions and other Gothtober contributor bios are here! 

8 1/2 Balloons with Del Norte DAY 18


Visit and click on DAY 18 for an avant-garde cinematic EVENT!

Spoiler alert: It has BALLOONS. I guess that’s not much of a spoiler, since the word “Balloons” is in the title. Duh.

There’s a Columbian balloon man, and a professional tumbler who looks kind of like a kid… wait… that IS a kid! It’s a kid in Los Angeles!

The score is original, played with a real theremin and real cello. It gets more and more ominous the more you watch, we may never know how that balloon man feels. The alienating effects of modernization are felt in this arresting film, Fellini surely would agree.

For anyone who participates in Gothtober every year, it’s absolutely the kind of pressure some artists dread. Taking part in Gothtober means you are expected to deliver some kind of art, while facing intense public scrutiny, on a constricted schedule, while simultaneously having to deal with your own day-to-day obligations, work and personal relationships! Can you feel the angst?

We think Del Norte had some good fun, with much success!

Gothtober SURPRISE it’s DAY 9!!!!

Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now...
Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now…

Visit and click on DAY 9 and well… it might be the scariest thing on the entire calendar this year.

Los Gatitos and their basket of adorable deplorables have collaborated this year to make a short and sweet punk song asking you to please not vote for the Cheeto. I’m not gonna say his name because I’m tired of hearing it, and you know who I’m talking about.

Turn this one on, turn it up and sing along, we need it!

Gothtober 9
It’s always been mine*
But this one I bet
Will be the scariest yet
There’s a dangerous monster running for president 
Sick in the head, he’s really not hesitant
To foment violence among his followers
A schoolyard bully with a billion dollars
Did you know that
Hitler was elected?
Giving hope to the lost and dejected
But soon he started rounding up Jews
Homosexuals, Gyspies too
Don’t kid yourself it could happen here!
With angry talk of rounding up Mexicans
Persecuting Muslims they’re not good Americans
Denigrating women, dredging up hate
Now open your eyes before it’s too late!
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
He’s a very bad man, he’s a very bad man!
*not quite true