Surf’s UP With Spooky Bonercle for Gothtober 14th!

Well look who washed up on shore for Gothtober Day 14, it’s our old pal, Spooky Bonercle of Barnacle Bros! He’s dolphinately up to the usual te-reef-ic tricks, this time starring as himself in “Spooky Bonercle Jumps the Shark!” and getting beach slapped. It’s a kriller whale of a surfin’ tale with REAL SURFING and and it’s urchin for you to sea it. Just squiddin’ that’s not the ray we do things, you’ve got plenty of time to shrimply visit the calendar whenever you like. If you see anything extra weird, let minnow, don’t leave the news to salmon else. We trout there’s anything weirder than Gothtober, we’ve been herring about it for ten years, it’s very ofishal.

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