Apply for Gothtober 2019!

Shall we begin?

It’s time again, it’s gloriously, gore-iously time for me to officially start gathering and haunting this year’s creepy contributors for GOTHTOBER 2019!!!!! Do you want to do it? I think you should do it.

If you’ve been hemming and hawing, if you’ve been dwindling and dawdling, if you have wanted to make something cool, but need a catalyst, a creative mentor, a haunting presence, if you will, Gothtober can do that for you. Step up to the crypt, look deep into our hollow sockets, breathe in, and fill out the application below… see if destiny chooses you for gallows greatness.

xo, Head Candy Corn, JP

Fill out the Gothtober Application below by August 29th:


Gothtober Artist Name (required)

Name as you'd like it to appear on the calendar (nickname, group name, pseudonym)(required)

Your Email (required)

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Main Phone Number(required)

Secondary Phone Number (Optional)

Your Website (If you have one)


Brief Project description

Any Links you want added in your credits or on the Gothtober Blog

Any Comments, Questions, Concerns

Your Level of Digital Expertise (required)


I will read the Gothtober 2019 FAQ before I drive Head Candy Corn JP crazy with questions, I'll meet deadlines for the entry fee, bio and will have my piece ready when required for launch. If I mess these things up (not handing it in, handing it in super late, not following the instructions), Gothtober reserves the right to do "ass saving" things to make sure Gothtober is kept in tip-top door-opening condition. If my work is late, there is no guarantee that Gothtober will post it

I promise I'll submit something no one's ever seen before, to debut on Gothtober, and I promise not to launch it on Youtube, my website, or anywhere besides Gothtober until 2020. Because SERIOUSLY, you guys, what is the POINT of a count-down calendar with surprises if the surprises aren't a surprise?!?

My piece will not be over three minutes long. If it is, I must seek clearance from Gothtober staff to have it approved.


Participants will be notified of admission ASAP September 2019.

Upon acceptance, a $25 registration fee is required.

Get more details about this year’s theme and technical details by reading The Official 2019 FAQ.