WELCOME to the EIGHTEENTH Gothtober Countdown Calendar!
We present to you the original annual online time-release selection of 31 works of art behind 31 doors by 31 different artists. It’s like a xmas advent calendar, but you get 6 more days because it counts down to Halloween, and it’s a lot wackier and weirder.
Gothtober offers a specially prepared “Grab Bag of the Unknown” packed with music, recipes, photos, crafts, paintings, films and other forms of artistic expression.

It is a way of processing all things Fall season, acknowledging the joys and sorrows of life and death, while welcoming spirits, monsters and mortals alike to join us in a Happy Halloween.

Gothtober is powered by SparkleBlob, the arts non-profit that cleverly tricks people into making and doing art. We are a 501c3 dedicated to proliferating the boundlessness of reality through creative pursuits. We have reached hundreds of thousands of people in Los Angeles through our varied programs. SparkleBlob was started by Julianna Parr, who believes that art is for kitchens, bars, bathrooms, people, and the great beyond.

We’d really like to meet you, please give us a visit:

The hip bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the foot bone, and Gothtober would be completely boneless and disconnected (and not much of a skeleton, much less spooky) without the following individuals:

JULIANNA (JP) PARR: Head Candycorn Producer, Director, Curator, Illustration/Design, Writer, PR, Spider wrangler, powdered bile keeper, arranger of various zombie limbs. 

CRISTIN PESCOSOLIDO: High Priestess of Web, Media Compression, Gothtober Consigliere, Development

TIM HALBUR: Creator of this year’s soundtrack accompanying the Gothtober 2020 Calendar!

DEVELOPERS: Past and contributing programmers who have helped build and maintain the calendar’s architecture and code over the last 18 years: Bill Luttrell, Jesse Albini, Cathy Davies, Michael Soderstrom, Laura Mann