CAMP BLOOD • Day 31 Concluding Gothtober!!!

Get scared all queer style with Ian MacKinnon for Halloween!

Don’t be mooning anyone on Camp Crystal Lake, because someone is watching, someone named Jason Voorhees. If you encounter a hockey mask-wearing madman on the way to your cabin, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may think you know Jason, but think again.

Not everyone knows the TRUE story of Jason, and it’s high time the world knows, he’s not just a ripoff of Michael Myers in Halloween, he’s not just a wild slasher in the woods, he’s so so much more…

This video is the creative child of WIG OUT! (cabaret run by none other than the extremely fantastic Jean Natalia.) Featuring the works of Ian MacKinnon and the dancing of Gregory Barnett! Originally a live performance for “Bloody Summer Camp” night, post-show the usual mutual adoration/comeraderie ensued and that night it was agreed that this video was getting made. VIVA LA WIG OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


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