There’s Mud Monster in Your Eye • Day 26

Accompanied by music composed by Michael Mahalchick, the world of breathing stop-motion ceramics by Professor Rattlesnake (aka Trixy Sweetvittles, aka Shelly Wattenbarger) introduces an otherworldly hallucinatory metamorphosis to your monitor.

Today marks the new moon. Breathe in, breathe out, and follow the mud, and see where it takes you. It is said that some mud monsters are over 200 years old. Some mud monsters like to dirty dance their way through the moonlight, some are accountants, others are sitting real still to form sedimentary rock, as is customary when those ecological deposits start to accumulate. Mud monsters (not to be confused with muck monsters, slurry monsters or clay/adobe monsters) are an adventurous lot and today’s Gothtober piece reinforces that  fact. This gritty (with sand, clay and water) individual’s adventure into the cave of madness will deliver you to parts unknown, enjoy your trip!


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