Doppelgänger Monday • Day 24’s Amy Lockhart

You’re sitting on the couch, eating some crumbs, and then, out of nowhere, a facsimile of yourself approaches you, picks a fight with you and all heck breaks loose! Observe the meta experience of one Sharky the Cat, here for his second Gothtober experience, a feline fray not for the weak at heart. You may be superstitious and believe that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. Don’t worry, the rule doesn’t extend to computer monitors, black cats on computer monitors are okay, which is good, because there are TWO of them.

Amy Lockhart is an amazing animator, and she’s going to be making a film about The Dizzler. If you want to make sure you’re updated, visit the Dizzler blog once in awhile to stay in the loop.

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