The Tricks and Treats of Echo Park • Day 23

Jenny Walsh is one of Gothtober’s extreme veterans, you can track her pieces all the way back to the very first Gothtober. One of the cool things about Gothtober is that often, not just friends, but family gets involved in various Gothtober pieces! We know a Mom who can make the best jell-o brain you’ve ever seen, we’ve witnessed people’s cousins getting chomped by zombies, and we’ve watched babies born in the month of Gothtober grow up to be full-blown candy-eatin’ kids! You will see candy eatin’ kids in this Gothtober piece, the kids of Jenny and Dave, born and raised in Echo Park. Gothtober is made in Echo Park, and while we get to give out candy over here, we didn’t grow up as full-blown trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. Seeing trick-or-treating through the eyes of actual kiddos is pretty cool. It is true that, like the Flying Dutchman, the Ghost Lowrider of Echo Park cruises through the neighborhood blocks, its deep bass setting off car alarms and making trees shudder as it makes its way to the great beyond…

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