Gothtober Contributors

Once again, a great set of people have made Gothtober a GREAT experience this year.
Please click each artist's name to find out a bit about them.

Richert Gordon Salondaka has been a longtime friend of the Gothtober community, but has never done a solo piece, until now. He calls the lovely sunny state of California home. He also peddles his wares in several different gift boutiques and collectives in the Wine Country of picturesque Sonoma County, in Northern California. You can find his vintage and jewelry designs wares at:
"Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home" In Geyserville, California
Read more about Richert's creations on the Gothtober Blog!

Jenn Paige Gordon is a wandering queerdo currently scribbling words and art in LA, where she stubbornly refuses to learn to drive. She likes YA Fantasy Fiction and matching through clashing! Visit her on Instagram

Everyday, Michael Gump puts on a new disguise, and he has done it without fail for all of 2016 so far. Michael Gump is not just master of disguises, however, he is an artist and an art director in Hollywood, CA where his work can be seen on Yo Gabba Gabba, Mutt-n-Stuff, and The Aquabats! Super Show!

To see more of his disguises, here is a link to his instragram page

Slithering from the unfathomable depths of unknown mystery Jeffrey Levine heaves his gelatinous undulating mass onto the tremulous sands of this unsuspecting sun-blighted land.

He cracks the heavens with a madness inducing eldritch presence. Those so unfortunate as to pass beneath his shadow are struck voiceless bereft of all hope. His arrival on this one small and troubled world rends the last illusion of security from the eyes of its naive inhabitants.

He reveals the horrible gibbering monstrous truth of how inconsequential and fragile their mere existence is when compared to the ancient and imponderable evil that permeates the cosmos and twists space itself into and corrupting foul nightmare of unutterable terror.

He's also a really cool artist and you should check his stuff out

Cheerio and sleep tight.

Rosalind Helfand writes, performs, and makes art in Los Angeles, CA.

She is obsessed with macro photography of insects, arachnids, echinoderms, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks, bivalves, and cnidarians. Thus her piece for Gothtober. She also puppeteers and performs in the annual SparkleBlob Holiday Show, and directs literary and storytelling projects around town.

When not making art, she advises nonprofit organizations and the government on what to do and how to do it. And she advocates for reproductive justice, environmental conservation, and women's rights. You can learn more about her work and upcoming projects here. You can read her story published in Cutthroat Magazine, "Suburban Gopher Wars OR How I Learned to Be Weak" on page 58 here.

Finally, Rosalind encourages you to please vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016.

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Harold is just a nerd who likes to make comics, puppets, computer stuff, and has a hilariously deep-held obsession with 1990s Jane Austen adaptations. Other adorably pointless obsessions include the A Song of Ice and Fire books, imaginary anatomy, and their teeny, tiny demon-dog.

The Thomas Family resides in happy San Luis Obispo smack dab in the middle of the California Central Coast. Consisting of Heather (photography & layout), Russ (artist), and C (10 year old artist in residence) this is a true renaissance family.

In their spare time Russ can be found out on the water kayak fishing. Heather writes and is always creating recipes for her blog in addition to finishing up a cookbook. C creates - mixed media being a favorite, but never shies away from clay, marker or pencil.

Happy Halloween!

Former goth rocker Paul Gailiunas never lets the gloom and doom of October get him down. It's all sunshine and pretty flowers at his place!

Same goes for his lighten-up crew, Lecie and Francis Pop.

He wanted to be a writer when he was in high school, but the drawings on the margins and the back of his notebooks kept on getting bigger and stronger. More alive. They ate the words, chewing them with little noises of ink and paper (they had a hard time swallowing the poems but genuinely enjoyed some of the short stories).

Federico's hands sided with the drawings and said they'd much rather spend time making things and pictures than writing words. "What makes us happy will make you happy" they said with satisfied hand gestures. An agreement was forged and Federico makes and draws everyday. The hands have kept their promise.

Their creations can be seen here.

Trixy Sweetvittles lives in Los Angeles, CA with her handsome husband and too many cats.

An animator, painter, ceramicist and performer, she earned a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and a MFA in Experimental Animation from The California Institute of the Arts. As an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, she teaches animation production, experimental techniques and ideation classes. Trixy is a big fan of psychedelic expressions especially in the realms of animation, video art and bizarre commercial experiments.

Some say he's a CIA experiment gone wrong, that he's illegal in 37 States, that he knows Marilyn Monroe, that he's starred in all The Star Wars Films, that he once ate the Hollywood Sign, that he rides around on Hummingbirds and that NASA rents his ears to listen to deep space.... All we know is he's called The Stig.

Christine Marie Nockels grew up in the fresh air of the mountains and now lives in the dirty city. She makes grave stones during the day, and in the cool of the desert evenings fashions tiny hats for her many cat friends. She also enjoys tarantulas and Disneyland.

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In addition to teaching a history of animation course, internationally known award winning artist, filmmaker/animator and educator Christine Panushka's courses include Pre-Thesis, Master's Thesis and Directed Studies. Her work explores the female psyche and uses stillness and small gestures to describe internal emotional and spiritual states.

Named an Absolut Visionary in 1996, she conceptualized, directed and curated "Absolut Panushka," the second issue in a series of content based Websites sponsored by Absolut Vodka, which was honored with an "Award of Excellence" from Communication Arts Magazine, as well as first prize for Animation on the Internet by both the World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles and the Holland International Animation Film Festival in Utrecht.

Panushka's films have garnered numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the Aspen Filmfest and a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

After last year's hangover finally subsided, and in keeping with our commitment to neighborly responsibility, Del Norte Presents expanded their artistic footprint to include talents from deep in the Scary Terrace regions of East Los Angeles. Two new presenters came on the scene, too: one from the peanut gallery a few years back and one from the very musical A-BOO-bee district of Santa Monica.

This year, we find our presenting presenters in Italy-or something like it-frolicking with Federico Fellini and rolling around with Nito Rota. Will our cast adapt to the time change? Will they cross the border into David Lynch country? Or will they bungle the presentation and befuddle the audience?

When it comes to presenting, you know the presenting presenters at Del Norte Presents really present it right...we hope.

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Christy Chambers Lives with her favorite red bearded Ogre and their smelly 12 year old giant in a small village in Germany. She spends her days making art with teenagers and entertaining the locals. For fun she wanders the deep dark fairy tale forests to photograph moss and poisonous fungus. She is also working on a degree in french cheese and regional wines.

Brian Chambers Lives with the lady above, he failed at being a nihilist, spends his days making video games. He routinely hunts for treasure in the local German forest and prefers beer from Bavaria.

Nigel Chambers A little monstrous angel that does everything his parents tell him. He's currently studying his fourth language and has an impressive Comic Book and burned candle collection.

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Bona Bones is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts holding a B.F.A. in Experimental Animation and obtained an MFA in Animation at the University of Edinburgh- Edinburgh College of Art. During her time at CalArts she primarily focused on stop motion animation. While typically found in the animation department, she has also has experience as a seamstress, puppet/set fabricator and production designer. She currently works as a Special Instructor in the Film and Media Studies program at Dartmouth, College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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LA-based video collaborators responsible for YouTube anti-hits "Brains and Ice Cream" and "Spinny Thingy". They would like to thank whiskey, take-out food, and Charlie the Skull for making this video possible.

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Cristin Pescosolido is an artist, actress, and filmmaker migrating between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

She has been known to work in metal, make cotton candy, and break glass, but she earns her living making fake things look real as a visual effects artist and supervisor. Sometimes she makes real things look fake, too.

Her other interests include experimental photography, knitting, rugby, keeping early 1970s fords running, and the occasional welding and stained glass work.

She can be reached at

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